Our H.R. Politics

The technological advances made in the field must also be invested in people who believed that integration Polimed drug, has been working in this field. our happiness depends on our employees and the loyalty of an institution aimed at achieving the highest levels of the value of culture to create and implement innovative human resources systems, depending on the organization contributes to achieving the objectives of our strategic plan.
Human resources work, basically a high quality of work and level of motivation, commitment and action for the purpose of providing cooperation to the company.
Our basic principles:
• Employees can use our knowledge and skills environment and ensure the highest level of requirements,
• outside the most suitable candidate to hire new staff not only today, taking into account the needs of the coming days to select and to offer equal opportunities to candidates,
• Occupational health and appropriate in terms of job security, and create a healthy working environment and ensure a peaceful settlement of this,
• our employees to grow, develop, succeed and to create systems that will enable the promotion and placement.

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